Veterans to experience life-changing encounter with wild horses.

2018 Mustang Heritage Foundation Veterans Program to kickoff March 6, 2018.

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS – With the help of the Mustang Heritage Foundation, military veterans choose a Bureau of Land Management mustang, untouched by humans, and transform the horse in approximately weeks into a gentled, adoptable equine companion.
The 2018 session which begins March 5 at he MHF Headquarters in Georgetown, TX is geared towards the experience of working with a wild horse, gaining equine vocational skills and general equine knowledge as well as pushing veterans to do something different – work with a professional trainer to gentle a mustang and ready it for adoption. 

The veteran experiences the transformation from “wild to mild” by working with the mustangs while learning marketable vocational skills and gaining on-the-job training for a future occupation in the equine industry if they choose. The previously wild horses are available for adoption by the veteran participant or placed into private care.
The MHF Veterans Program is handson and often challenging. Working with mustangs is an experience that connects the veterans with an animal in need. This program has successfully helped veterans lead more productive lives both on the job and at home. The MHF Veterans Program is completely reliant on donations. You can be a part of a mustang or veterans life and give them the chance for change by making a donation.
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Important dates:
March 6, 2018
Mustang Pick Up: Pauls Valley Off-Range Corral – Located approximately 45 miles south of Oklahoma City.
Mustang Arrival at Mustang Heritage Foundation – 870 Co Rd 156, Granger, TX 76530, Phone: 512-869-3225

For more information please contact Gayle Graham, Program Coordinator

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