SEPTEMBER 6-8, 2018
Will Rogers Equestrian Center
3401 W Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76107

PLAYER'S CHOICE - Top prize $50,000

Extreme in 2018. The Fort Worth Extreme Mustang Makeover competition will feature the Player’s Choice format. Trainers will be able to bid on their mustang through an auction process. Mustangs will be available for review via video prior to the bid auction. The top-10 trainers will compete for $100,000 in prize money with $50,000 for the winner.

Player’s Choice Casino Night benefiting the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Enjoy an evening of games, food and dancing. Money raised will go to support programs and make even more adoptions possible. And a special thank you goes to Weisberg Stables for being our event partner. LEARN MORE >>

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The America’s Mustang VR Experience

The America’s Mustang Experience trailer will be at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center September 6-8.

Come tour the 40 ft. trailer and learn about your wild horses. Watch educational videos and put on a VR headset and stand on the range with wild mustangs.

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The EMM Fort Worth, TX event in September 2018 will feature an exciting format called Player’s Choice. Eligible adult trainers will be allowed to bid on the mustang of their choosing for use in competition from a selection of approximately 300 mares and geldings and compete for their chance to win the top prize of $50,000.

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Pick Up: May 18-19 in Burns, OR; Palomino Valley, NV; Canon City, CO; Ewing, IL; or Paul’s Valley, OK. Trainers choosing to pick up in Ewing, IL will make an appointment to do so the week of May 21st.

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2016-mhf-youth-mustangsIn 2018, the Mustang Heritage Foundation will offer the opportunity for youth ages 8-17 to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in both Lexington, KY and Fort Worth, TX. Selected youth trainers will be assigned a 18-24 month old mustang to be trained for competition. Goals of training include halter breaking, trailer loading, picking up feet and leading though obstacles and maneuvers. At the end of the training period, youth and mustangs compete for cash and prizes. Youth trainers and their families will adopt the mustang prior to the competition.

Pick Up: May 18-19 in Burns, OR; Palomino Valley, NV; Canon City, CO; Ewing, IL; or Paul’s Valley, OK. Trainers choosing to pick up in Ewing, IL will make an appointment to do so the week of May 21st.

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2017_mhfopenThe Mustang Open Show, is a show produced and hosted by the Mustang Heritage Foundation, held in conjunction with the Extreme Mustang Makeover. A competition of BLM-branded mustangs, the Mustang Open competition is for adults and youth who want to continue to compete and showcase the abilities of their mustangs. The competition is divided into three divisions including in-hand, walk-trot and walk-trot-lope with each division featuring trail, pattern and freestyle classes. Exhibitors ages 8 years and older are eligible to enter. Mustang Open shows will be held in Texas in 2018.


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Mike Kevil
As a child, Mike Kevil rode horses for leisure, and it wasn’t until his high school years that this pastime took a new direction. He headed to Colorado where he worked, and developed what he calls the “foundation of his training.” Riding and handling a variety of horses showed Mike that nothing compares to hands on experience. He began working with Gene LaCroix, an Arabian horse trainer, who refined his fundamentals further, teaching Mike about timing and feel, softness and pressure and giving a reason to everything you do. He was also fortunate to have worked for some of the great cutting horse trainers, Don Dodge, Shorty Freeman and Matlock Rose.For 40 years, Mike has developed his own training practices that include patience, consistency and understanding the horse. Before the modern day term “Horse Whisperer” Mike was a master of this art. Today, he has numerous horses in his training program and a full waiting list. Although he admits that he does not get hung up on terms such as “Horse Whisperer,” he continually strives to become a “good hand.” Mike is the noted author of “Starting Colts, a Western Horseman Book” and its DVD counterparts, “Starting Colts.”


Delena Doyle
Delena Doyle lives on her family ranch in Azle, Texas. Doyle is a retired educator with a Master’s Degree in Education. She and her husband Craig raise cattle and enjoy team roping with their two children. Delena began showing horses at age 13. She has 27 years of judging experience with cards in the AQHA, APHA, PHBA, PtHA, ApHC, NRCHA, NSBA, IBHA and ABRA. Delena has judged the European Championships, Australian Championships, and World Championship shows for the APHA, PHBA, ApHC, PtHA and NSBA. She is an AQHA steward and serves as Equipment judge for the Paint and Appaloosa World Shows.


Sandra Abe
Sandra has trained and shown horses for 40 years. Sheowns and operates, along with her husband, Larry, Emmanuel Equine Horse Motel in Strasburg, VA. Sandra has trained multiple Adopted Mustangs for people, Judged the 2016 open Mustang competition in Lexington, VA, and Judged 2016 EMM in Sedalia, MO, and the 2017 EMM in Monroe, WA. Multiple breeds trained by Sandra have been sold across the Nation as well as
Europe. In 2017 she received a World Championship Buckle in the 1st World Championship Ride and Tie competition on the east coast. Sandra is an ARIA certified Instructor and holds 2 Judges cards in OHSA and USEF/AHA, recently being promoted Large “R”.


Wylene Davis
Wylene is a full-time clinician and professional horse trainer who travels the country teaching confidence building, horsemanship skills and fun techniques to her riders and students. Her love for the Mustangs follows her in and outside of the arena. After being introduced to the concept, her love grew deeper as time passed. Allowing her to showcase her ability and technique. As top contender throughout her experience with over 14 Makeovers under her belt. She has captured 3 different Championship titles as a competitor. She is also featured in the documentary Wild horse Wild Ride, and several of Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Races. Wylene has been involved in several film projects, and was featured in Western Horseman and on RFD-TV as well as the 3 part mini series Mustang Millionaire that aired on NAT GEO WILD. She has a passion for people and horses and the western way of life. Wylene’s humor and fun teaching style has made her a crowd favorite with all audiences and she creates a special bond with her students and horses. She was a Judge for the Youth Division at the Florida Mustang Makeover in May 2017. She is honored to be judging the Makeover here in Ft Worth Texas.


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