JUNE 25-27
Saturday, June 27 at 6 p.m. CT.
Horses will sell in lot number order.

Link to watch will be posted 30 minutes prior to the auction.
Let's Take it To the Extreme!

The Extreme Mustang Makeover Kentucky may be virtual this year, but we aren’t letting that stop us from taking it to the Extreme.

Trainers from around the country have spent the past 100 days taking a wild mustang from wild to mild to compete for a chance to win cash and prizes.

The mustangs that compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover for adults are wild mares and geldings 3-6 years old that have been living in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) off-range corrals. Youth trainers will work with yearling and 2-year-old fillies and colts for the competition.

The adult horse-and-rider duos compete in a handling and conditioning class, a pattern class and a trail class for nearly $20,000 in cash and prizes. The Top 10 adult competitors then compete in a Freestyle Finals performance.

Each day we’ll release class results and a video playlist on the Extreme Mustang Makeover Facebook page, so you won’t miss a single run.

Check out the schedule below to catch every minute of the excitement.

Tuesday, June 23
5 p.m. – Bidder applications close

Wednesday, June 24
Noon – Virtual silent auction and raffle begin. View items and bid here.

5 p.m. – Results posted for Adult Pattern Class

Thursday, June 25
5 p.m. – Results posted for Adult Handling Class and Youth Handling Class

Friday, June 26
9 a.m. – Results posted for Youth Trail Class

1-2 p.m. – Results posted for Adult Trail Class, Adult Buckle Incentive Winners, Youth Freestyle Class, Youth Buckle Incentive Winners, and Youth Contest Winner and Youth Overall Results

Adult Top 10 winners announced

Saturday, June 27
1 p.m. – Results posted for Adult Top 10

6 p.m. – Extreme Mustang Makeover Virtual Auction (link to watch the auction will be posted 30 minutes prior to the start of the auction)

Friday, July 10
TBA – Top 10 Freestyles Facebook Watch party

Check out the mustangs competing in the virtual event on the map below. Each mustang will be available for adoption or purchase during the online auction June 27 at 6 p.m.

Click here for bidder applications,  pictures and videos of mustangs and additional information.


Why is Extreme Mustang Makeover Kentucky not being held in person?
The state of Kentucky recently announced reopening plans. These plans do not currently allow gatherings of more than 50 people until July 1. To remain in compliance, Mustang Heritage Foundation made the decision to move to a virtual event.


Will my Extreme Mustang Makeover ticket be refunded?
Yes, all ticket holders will receive a full refund. Refunds will be automatically processed and refunded to the card used to purchase the tickets.

How long will my refund take?
Refunds will be completed within 2-4 weeks.









2020 Extreme Mustang Makeover Kentucky Results 

Results will be posted at the indicated time with a link to watch all runs.

View Auction Results 

Adult Division
Judges: Bobby Kerr & Dennis Cappel

Pattern Class
View Results

View Videos

Handling Class
View Results
View Videos

Trail Class
View Results
View Videos

Overall Results
View Results

Top Ten
View Results
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Buckle Incentives
Rookie, highest-scoring, first-time competitor: Molly Kline
Young Gun, highest-scoring competitor age 18-21: Katie Morris
Silver Bullet, highest-scoring competitor age 50+: Toby Gibbon

Youth Results
Judges: Dan James & Ginger Duke 

Handling Class
View Results
View Videos

Trail Class
View Results
View Videos

Freestyle Class
View Results
View Videos

Overall Results
View Results

Buckle Incentives
Junior, highest-scoring competitor age 8-12: Dixie Maresse
Senior, highest-scoring competitor age 13+: Maleah Redmann
View results

Video Story Contest
First Place: Hudson Dunlap and Boon
Second Place: Ashlyn Popiwczak and Ariel
Third Place: Afnan Alhilali and Avalanche 

Adult Judges

Dennis Cappel

Dennis is an accomplished trainer, farrier and author with extensive experience in Mustang Makeovers. he was a 2017 Extreme Mustang Makeover Top Ten finisher in Fort Worth, Texas;2016 EMM Reserve Champion in Sedalia Missouri, and 2015 EMM Champion in St Louis. He also holds numerous titles in Colt Starting and Ranch Horse competition. Dennis’ specialty is helping students to achieve their desired results by creating a pure connection between rider and horse through the use of a Clear Mental Picture. Dennis offers a variety of training programs that allow riders to learn to use their thinking to benefit their riding and achieve their goals.

Bobby Kerr

Bobby has a career rich in western heritage that spans over 45 years. Born in Ontario, Canada, Bobby’s passion for horses and the western lifestyle led him to pursue his dreams of training and showing in Cutting, Reining, Roping and Working Cow Horse. Currently he spends most of his time on the rodeo and horse show circuit demonstrating how usable, trainable, and amazing American Mustangs are.

Youth Judges

Dan James

James is a two time international World Champion Colt Starter, a multiple-time Freestyle Reining Champion, a multi-discipline Crowd Favorite several times over and a Mustang Makeover finalist. From winning the “Way of the Horse” at Equitana Asia Pacific in 2008 to winning the coveted Road to the Horse International Colt Starting World Championship in 2012 to winning the 2014 Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining Championship to representing Australia in the 2018 World Equestrian Games to competing in the 2019 Run for a Million Invitation Freestyle, the richest reining event in equine sports history, James continues to wow judges, fans, and audiences alike with his incredible training techniques, elite showmanship, and unique understanding of how horses learn.

Ginger Duke

Ginger has been training and traveling the world performing with her equine counterparts since 2002. This Texas native has been a Mustang Magic Champion, as well as Reserve Champion and Top 10 finalist numerous times. She is the North American Trick Riding Open Women’s Champion alongside her Mustang Million Mustang, Who. She loves helping spread awareness and being an advocate for the mustangs.

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