JUNE 21-23, 2018
Kentucky Horse Park
4089 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511



The Extreme Mustang Makeover event will feature mustangs, ages 3-6 years old, that have had little to no human contact. Approved trainers are paired with a mustang and have approximately 100 days to gentle and trainer their mustangs and compete in a series of classes including handling & conditioning, pattern and a trail class. The Top 10 competitors compete in a freestyle finals performance. Tickets will be available for purchase soon! At the conclusion of the event all horses will be available to the public via public competitive bid.

Application Deadline: January 5th
Pick Up: February 23-24 in Lebanon, TN

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Adult Rules & Regulations


Only 25 applicants will be accepted

2016-mhf-youth-mustangsIn 2018, the Mustang Heritage Foundation will offer the opportunity for youth ages 8-17 to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in both Lexington, KY and Fort Worth, TX. Selected youth trainers will be assigned a 18-24 month old mustang to be trained for competition. Goals of training include halter breaking, trailer loading, picking up feet and leading though obstacles and maneuvers. At the end of the training period, youth and mustangs compete for cash and prizes. Mustangs and their families will adopt prior to the competition.

Application Deadline: January 5th
Pick Up: February 23-24 in Lebanon, TN

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Youth Rules & Regulations


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