Extreme Mustang Makeover – Alabama

August 8-9, 2014

Morgan County Celebration Arena – Decatur, Alabama

The Mustang Heritage Foundation is traveling to Alabama for a first-time event at the Celebration Arena! This wild horse training competition will offer two divisions. Youth, ages 8-17, will compete with a mustang yearling they adopted in in-hand classes and adults, ages 18 and over, will ride their assigned mustang in preliminary classes to compete for a spot in the top 10 freestyle finals. All adult mustangs will be available for adoption after the event.

Youth Win shot

Youth Champions, Carly White and Dallas.

Taylor McIntosh

Adult Champions, Taylor McIntosh and 5-year-old gelding, Owen.





Adoption Results
Adult Pattern Class
Adult Preliminary Overall
Adult Top 10
Adult Trail
Adult Handling & Conditioning
Youth Freestyle
Youth Handling & Conditioning
Youth Overall
Youth Trail